Junior Sailing Program

In order to sign up for a Junior Sailing Program, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Emergency Contact Form for each sailor. Click here.
Junior Sailing Discounts:
All discounts only apply if the annual membership has been fully paid.
For the Full Day 8 Week Program, a $100 discount per sailor applies only if annual membership has been paid.
For all sailing programs, a 25% discount can be applied for the third and each subsequent child enrolled in sailing programs. The discounts are to be applied to the programs of lesser value first.

2. Register each sailor one at a time beginning with Full Day Sailors, then River Rookies, and then Puddle Ducks. Register the first sailor as “First Child”, the send sailor as “Second Child”, the third sailor as “Third Child”, and so on…

If you have any questions, please contact sadot@sadotrios.com.

Register for the sailing programs by using the following links:

Full Day Junior Sailing (8 Weeks) (June 24 – August 15)

River Rookie 1 (Beginner) (June 24 – July 5)

River Rookie 2 (Intermediate) (July 8 – 18)

River Rookie 3 (Beginner) (July 22 – August 1)

River Rookie 4 (Intermediate) (August 5 – 15)

Puddle Ducks (July 8 – 18)

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