OGYC News – April 2016


April 2016



Commodore’s Corner

As submitted by Jim Fry


Warm weather is on the horizon. Before we know it summer will be here with all the excitement and experiences that make OGYC such a great place to belong. The upper deck furniture is being readied and will be placed on the deck within the next couple of weeks. Please come and enjoy the views.


          As many of you are aware, the new website OceanGateYC.com is up and running for your convenience with several functions fully operational. There have been some emails sent out in regard to the new web site for membership registrations and sailing registrations. Some small glitches have been encountered, but they are being corrected and updated weekly. As of April 11th a new OGYC Facebook feature has been added to the website. Ground space and slip rental features will be added shortly. The website has the 2016 calendar of events for your information and planning purposes. Most events in the calendar are pretty much set up. Any changes to the calendar the membership will be notified. As we progress with the website, new features will be added. If you have any problems or questions, please email Steve Stone at sstone@oceansidemortgage.net.



          I would like to thank everyone for all the volunteerism that has already happened this year and look forward to other members volunteering to help and support all the events that are in the 2016 calendar. The next two OGYC sponsored functions on calendar will be the Bonfire on April 23rd and the Kentucky Derby on May 7th. Keep your eyes open for the event flyers.


          We are planning on re-polishing and refurbishing the older trophies received by the club and the trophy awards that have been retired by the club. A notice will be coming out in the near future identifying the days and time for this endeavor. All are invited and welcomed to help restore our recognized heritage.




Vice Commodore

As submitted by Lynda Kennedy


The OGYC Sailing season is quickly approaching and the 2016 sailing program is coming


together nicely.  This year we will continue to have our traditional 8 week program which includes:


Opti A, B, C and 1/2 day C, Sunfish, Laser and 420 fleets.  We are also continuing the 2 week


programs that we’ve had since 2014. These will include beginner and intermediate sessions that will


run every two weeks from June 27- August 18th.


Please pick up a sailing brochure at the club or you can review the programs online at




Remember that the OGYC 2 week program does not require a boat. OGYC will provide boats to be

used for this program.  If you would like to register for 2 consecutive two week sessions (or 4 weeks ) we prefer that the sailor has a boat, but again OGYC will do its best provide boats to those who do not have their own.  You can find on line registration for your membership and sailing on our new

website at Oceangateyc.com.  We are asking everyone who will be sailing to get their registration forms in as soon as possible to help the staff and instructors finalize their fleet plans.

Once again this year, The Sailing Foundation of Barnegat Bay has sailing scholarships available for non-members only. The scholarship information is available on the foundations website at sailingfoundationofbarnegatbay.org.

If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me at sailing@oceansgateyc.com

Best regards,




Rear Commodore

As submitted by Tom Fitzgerald


St. Patrick’s Day Party Report:


On March 19th, the OGYC celebrated St. Patty’s Day with 51 members and 31 guests.  Music was provided by the Ballyhanna Band, a lively 5 piece band that played traditional Irish and American contemporary music.  Basically it was Danny Boy mixed in with Billy Joel and the Beatles.  A good time was had by all.  The Ziezer family cooked and prepared the Irish food, and did a wonderful job.  Thank you to all the members who attended to help prepare the room and set the decorations, many hands make light work.  The total cost of the party was $1799.10, total income was $3,521.00, and the profit $1,722.90.  Thanks to everyone again.


The next event on the Social calendar is the Sprig Bonfire on the 23rd of April, Heather has it under control, but could use any help available.  There is a social meeting on the 12th at 7 pm in April.  The Kentucky Derby and Executive Board meeting are both on May 7th.  The Derby and Bonfire details will be ironed out at the April 12th meeting.


I have placed an advertisement at a local Bartending school, to explore the possibility of employing a student bartender for some events at the club.  I have yet to receive a response.  The bar will be open every Friday and Saturday night beginning May 27th @ 7 pm until September 3rd.


Taco Tuesdays begin in July and go through August, the bartenders for this event have yet to be determined.  As always if you have any suggestions or if you would like to volunteer for an event please call me at 732-575-6117.


Respectfully Rear Commodore Thomas Fitzgerald




As submitted by Bruce Cox

A special thanks to Jim Fry for all his help keeping deposits made and bills paid while Anne and I were enjoying Florida.  Jim and I communicated frequently to ensure everything worked as planned.

Steve Stone did a great job with our web site and I can tell you the membership has responded very well.  We can now accept memberships, sailing registrations, slip fees etc. through the website.

I can also take credit card payments over the phone.  Be assured, I do not keep any credit card information, I shred it immediately after use.

If any member has any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you.


BBYRA Corner


The BBYRA Championship Series will begin on Saturday, June 25th with the races being held on the Green Island Course for all fleets except the E-Sloops.  The E-Sloops will race south of the Mathis Bridge on either the Wanamaker Course or the Seaside Course.  The first warning signal for both courses will be at 9:20 AM.  Registration forms, registration fees, NOR, Sailing Instructions and the Fleet Sailing Schedule will be posted on the bbyra website, www.bbyra.org, no later than May 15, 2016.  Online registration will be available again once the registration information is posted on the website.  Two schedule changes that I noticed are 1.) The club 420 fleet has been dropped from the schedule due to low participation the last two years and 2.) The laser fleet is scheduled to race all ten weeks this year.  The NOR has been expanded to include information that was formally on the Regulations of the Barnegat Bay Yacht Racing Association Championship Series.  Now all the information that is needed to

race can be found on two documents, the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions.


U S Sailing


Ocean Gate Yacht Club is a member of US Sailing and we are a member of their MVP Program.  If you are a member of the club and are a member of US Sailing please remember to renew your membership online as a member of the Ocean Gate Yacht Club.  Use this link to renew your membership; https://www1.ussailing.org/mem/default.aspx.    On that page click on Join or renew through your sailing club’s MVP program.  When you do that the club earns points that it can use to purchase supplies from U S Sailing for the sailing program.


Registration is now open for the U.S. Junior Women’s Doublehanded and Singlehanded Championships.  Competitors must be women who have reached their 13th birthday but not their 19th birthday during the calendar year in which the event is held.  Participants will be expected to manage a boat in up to 20 knots of breeze.  Additional information on when and where these events will be held can be found at http://www.ussailing.org/racing/championships/.


The selection process for U.S Sailing’s Chubb U.S. Junior Championships has already begun.  All junior sailors are encouraged to participate.  More information about these championships can be found at http://www.sailing.org/racing/championships/youth/juniorchamps/.



General Announcements:

We now have a new website Oceangateyc.com where you will find on-line registration for membership and sailing.

The club offers credit card payments.  Membership, events, and apparel may be paid for with a credit card.  To use a credit card call Bruce Cox (Treasurer) at 732-608-9640 or tufbut@comcast.net.


Newsletter Information:

If there is any pertinent information, photos, etc. that you would like to be included in the newsletter, please contact the club’s Corresponding Secretary, Rhea Jolly by the 15th of the month.  For club e-mail announcements/events with attachments please send to: ogycmembers@yahoogroups.com for review/approval by “moderator” prior to release.

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