OGYC News – September 2015


September 2015


Commodore’s Comments

As submitted by Jim Fry


 I would like to thank all the members, especially those who participated in the general election meeting in August, and also express my appreciation for electing me your Commodore. I consider this to be a great honor and I promise you I will give it 110% effort during my term. I know most of the members and will strive to know every member as soon as possible. During any club event feel free to introduce yourself to me and ask me any questions that you may have about the club activities.

          Over the next month I will provide to all members the various committee chairpersons and urge you to sign up for one of the committees. As everyone knows we are a volunteer organization and it takes all members to participate to insure the success of the club and to maintain the proud heritage of the club.

          I have talked to many families over the last couple of months to ascertain what they would like to see at the club. This was not limited to just the social events or the sailing program but all aspects of the club’s operations. I have recently discussed several topics with the executive committee which I hope will answer some of the questions and suggestions that you the members have brought to my attention. One topic involves the updating of the website. We are considering online registration for all aspects of the club’s events. This would include membership registration, sailing program registration, social event reservation and possibly consolidating on line billing and payment of fees. Hopefully this will enhance and improve a user friendly website.

           Additionally, various social event committees have inquired how the physical plant operates such as the handicap lift, the HVAC, the oven and range, etc… This does become important if there is a problem during an event. When Matt Morrow was Commodore he had a great idea to develop a procedure book describing how the various activities of the club were accomplished.

Several areas of the club operations were documented and are in use today. This has helped the new executive committee members in understanding what is involved in their areas of responsibility. I plan on working with the executive committee and developing the remaining procedures to facilitate easier transitions for future club officers and executive committees.

          If any member or groups of members have any other suggestions, please feel free to let me know.

          Again, thank you for your vote of confidence.


                             Jim Fry



Vice Commodore

As submitted by Lynda Kennedy


As the new vice commodore of the yacht club, the first thing that I feel that I should do is to introduce myself to all of the new members. Old friends, please bear with me.

My Husband, Paul and I have 4 children and 4 grandchildren. I am proud to say that we have lived in Ocean Gate since 1988 where Paul has served on council and currently as mayor for a total of 17 years. We became members of the yacht club in 2008. In 2010, I was elected to be corresponding secretary, a position I served in for two years. In 2012, I was asked to be the Rear Commodore (maintaining the bar and heading the social committee) I held this position until  recently when you elected me your Vice Commodore (overseeing the sailing program and assisting the Commodore ) for the 2015-2016 year.

I continue to serve as a volunteer, learning the different functions of the club because I have a great regard for this yacht club and many of the members that I have come to call friends.

On a personal note, outside of the club, I am the president of At Home Decorating LLC, a small designing Company that does full service decorating for commercial and residential spaces.

I enjoy spending time with my family at the beach, sailing and camping and remain very involved in community activities and school sports with our children.

We as a club have achieved a great deal over the last 10 years and I will continue to work together with the officers, executive committee, trustees and members to ensure another successful year ahead.



From the Treasurer


On October 1, 2015 Bruce Cox will take over as Treasurer of the club. Our fiscal year ends September 30, 2015 and we need to clear all of our accounts at that time. If you have any outstanding payments or bills, please make sure that they are submitted by September 28th so that they can be processed before October 1st.


Thank you,

Kathleen Cronheim


BBYRA Corner


The BBYRA ended their 2015 Championship Series on Saturday, September 5th at Seaside Park Yacht Club with a full day of racing.  We had seven members qualify for the Championship series.  Congratulations to Dave Sikora, Alan Dittenhoffer, Ericka Amon, Russ Lines, Tim McNeilly, Nelson Hartranft, and Trace Dittenhoffer for representing the club on the bay on Saturdays.  The Sneakbox fleet was a hotly contested fleet with the lead going back and forth between club members Ericka Amon and Russ Lines.  The final result had Ericka Amon finishing first over Russ Lines by 1 point.  Another top place finisher is Camryn Kennedy who won first place in the Laser 4.7 fleet in the Downbay Interclub Series.  Congratulations to both of them on the first place finishes.  Finally, Ocean Gate won the Race Management Trophy this year for the Comet Regatta that we held in late August of 2014.  Congratulations to Nancy Foote for organizing the regatta, Rich Proko for running the races and all of the club members that pitched in to make the event a success.  I also want to recognize Harry Foote, Rich Proko and Roland Santomenna for going out on Saturdays during the summer to help the BBYRA regatta committee run the races.


General Announcements:

The club now offers credit card payments.  Membership, events, and apparel may be paid for with a credit card.  To use a credit card call Kathy Cronheim (Treasurer) at 732-269-3472


The password for the Members Directory on the website is on your membership card.  If you experience problems accessing the Members Directory please contact webmaster Tom Cleary.


The Classic was a great success.  I want to thank everyone that came out that day and helped either in the kitchen, on the water or with the influx of cars and boats.  We had 215 boats which means 230 sailors at the regatta.  After adding in the coaches, parents and our volunteers we had over 300 people at the club that day.  There was also had a lot of wind which meant we did not hold races for the Opti Green fleet.  The safety of the sailors is our top priority and we felt that we needed to keep these young new sailors on shore.  In addition, the race courses for all the other fleets were held west of the club instead of our normal venue east of the club.  Once again the t-shirts which were designed by Rich Bazzanella, the owner of Hot Rod Inkin, were a big hit with the sailors.


Annual World Duck Boat Championship

The Peter and Cynthia Kellogg Foundation donated $3,000.00 to the OGYC for sailing three duck boats on 08/20/15.  The sailors involved were:  Aiden Sharpe, Jack Leahy, Brianna & Delaney Dittenhofer, Reilly Fitzgerald and Kevin Kempton who placed 3rd in the Senior Division.


Newsletter Information:


If there is any pertinent information, photos, etc. that you would like to be included in the newsletter, please contact:  Mrs. Jolly (Corresponding Secretary) by the 15th of the month at rrrdachshund@comcast.net.  Please send e-mail announcements/events with attachments to: ogycmembers@yahoogroups.com for review/approval prior to release by moderator.


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